Mavis Tamo has close to seven years of work experience in the publishing industry. Mavis holds a Bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Management from the University of Yaounde and SOA University in Cameroon. She has held various roles at NMI Education, including Sales Administrator and Data Analyst, Trade Officer. She currently serves as NMI Education’s Senior Sales Administrator and Data Analyst representing Cambridge University Press, which publishes school textbooks for all subsystems of education in Cameroon. In these various roles, she co-developed sales strategies and trade policies, contributed to achieving and beating sales targets, and set the organization above its competitors. She is passionate about educating others because of her extensive experience in the publishing industry. Driven by her desire to empower youth and foster their success, Mavis is also a member of the NGO Greener Pastures Foundation, where contributes to the NGO’s mission of promoting the rights of underprivileged youth in local communities and developing youth talents. She engages in educational talks with young people, develops business ideas for them, and supports them in their efforts. Mavis loves to be in a growing and challenging environment where she can demonstrate her skills and expertise.