Masthuriyah Sa’dan is originally from Sumenep Madura and now she stays in Yogyakarta Indonesia. Since childhood, she studied in an Islamic education institution from primary school until university. Ria was studied at Al-Amin Islamic boarding school in Madura, where she learned Arabic and English from Islamic boarding school. She graduated Bachelor’s degree in Theology and Philosophy. Later, she continued her postgraduate study at Sunan Kalijaga Islamic State University in the Islamic Philosophy department. She graduates with a Master’s in Islamic Philosophy. After her Master’s degree, she teaches in the Sains and Technology faculty in Sunan Kalijaga Islamic State University about spirituality in Islam. During her activity, she was writing, researching, and following academic forums from the national level until the international level to present her papers. She also works in a research institution with funding from USAID, all of her research project with USAID is about women and gender in Islam. Meanwhile, every weekend she helping the marginal community in Yogyakarta. She teaching about reading the holy Qur’an in the Transgender Islamic boarding school, and all the students are transgender Muslim community. Recently, she published a book about Santri Waria (transgender Islamic students). The substantive of this book is her notes with LGBT groups who learning Islam in the transgender Islamic boarding school in Yogyakarta.