Mariam Magomedova works as a volunteer at an NGO and holds three university degrees from top Russian universities. She earned a degree in Linguistics, one in Law, and recently graduated from PFUR with a Master’s of Law in International Human Rights Protection. This Master’s Program was conducted with the support of the UN OHCHR, allowing Mariam to attend OHCHR-supported summer programs on Human Rights and advance her knowledge on various aspects of international law. Through this program, she also visited the Venice School of Human Rights and attended interdisciplinary courses on women’s rights, peace, security, business, and human rights. In 2018, she was chosen from the 40 best young Russian lawyers in the field of international law to take part in an examination conducted by the United Nations Secretariat. In 2019, she was awarded the prestigious Alpbach scholarship, which granted her an exclusive opportunity to meet former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and discuss ways to make the UN recruitment system more friendly for people with disabilities. She participated because there is an obvious need for change, and she believes that people of all abilities can make a significant contribution to strengthening international human rights protection.