Maria Melnikova has over ten years of experience in marketing project management, where she developed skills in BTL, CRM and events, that she is eager to apply for social good. Maria’s childhood years in Libya, Syria, and Iraq provided her with an understanding of cultural diversity and the challenges faced by different communities, which subsequently led to her further interest in working in a global environment. Maria has extensive volunteering experience for AIESEC Brazil, UNV online, todogood, and ProCharity platforms in Russia. Maria graduated from the Allrussia Academy of Foreign Trade with a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Trade Management and from Moscow Higher School of Business MIRBIS with a Master’s degree in Marketing Management. Additionally, Maria joined the European Center for Peace and Development as a candidate for the MBA program in 2018. She is an enthusiastic lifelong learner in cross-cultural communication. Maria believes in a world without borders and in 2020 joined the Civic Assistance Committee to work with refugees and migrants in Russia. Maria enjoys traveling, water sports, and caring for her foster labrador Martha.