Maria Medvedeva has two years of experience in non-profit and cultural development. Maria graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Oriental and African Studies. She also received the Paideia (The Institute of Jewish Studies in Sweden) scholarship in 2016 and studied Innovative Entrepreneurship at the Higher Schools of Economics. She currently works as a Content Creator and Project Coordinator of the New Holland Island International Debut Film Festival, which supports emerging filmmakers. Maria previously worked as a Project Coordinator of a young leadership program at Joint Distribution Committee’s Jewish Charitable Foundation, where she organized project management seminars and raised awareness of charity events through social media. At JDC, Maria was also responsible for coordinating volunteer actions for local Jewish youth organizations. She launched the Leadership Alumni Program, an international initiative aimed to create cultural, social, or volunteering projects that respond to critical community problems. Following her other major interest in promoting cultural activities in Russia, she joined the leading cultural project in Saint-Petersburg New Holland: Cultural Urbanization. She gained experience in creating various visual materials for websites, social media, and essential art directing skills. Maria is particularly interested in education, gender equality, and promoting charity using creative tools. She strives for mutually beneficial cooperation between non-profit organizations and creative institutions.