Maha Saymeh has over seven years of experience in the non-profit sector. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in accounting (in English) at Islamic University in Gaza. While working at United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in Finance Department as Claims Examination Section Head, Maha was recently promoted to Head of Section Team. Previously, Maha also worked at the Treasury Department and headed the Treasury Team at UNRWA Gaza Office. She supported UNRWA programs – Education, Health, Relief, Infrastructure and Camp Improvement – in providing services to 2.1 million refugees living in Gaza Strip. Maha worked at SULAFA, an income generation project for women established by UNRWA, helping to convert from manual to computerized accounting, developing databases for SULAFA, and developing effective reporting techniques to meet management needs. Maha also worked at Oxfam OPT in the finance department, supporting Oxfam programs that contribute to sustainable development, agricultural and economic justice, and food security programs in Palestinian Territories. Maha worked as a teaching assistant at Islamic University in Gaza after graduating at the top of her class. Maha has experience volunteering with local non-profit organizations. Maha has an endless ambition that motivates her to work hard to achieve her goals. Her enthusiasm and good spirit impact the team she works with. Maha enjoys working for a cause that helps the poor and the most vulnerable in society, helping refugees and advocating for humanitarian aid.