Luvi Indriastuti was born in Pasuruan city, East Java. Her father retired from the Indonesian Attorney General’s Office. She also works in the Indonesian Attorney General’s office in Surabaya. Luvi graduated from Airlangga Surabaya University, one of the best universities in East Java, and subsequently got her Doctoral Degree. Supported by her family and friends, she joined the Indonesian Attorney General’s Office. She gained many experiences as she spent a year in the West Bengkulu Public Prosecutor’s Office of Manna. She was in the Bengkulu High Prosecution Office as a Staff of Special Crime’s department. Later, she was on duty in Praya Public Prosecutor’s office, Central Lombok as a prosecutor, and the Sidoarjo Public Prosecutor’s office, East Java. Currently, she is on duty in Surabaya Public Prosecutor’s Office as Kasubagbin of the Prosecutor’s Office.