Lukman Baihaqi Alfakihuddin completed his Master’s degree in Environmental Resource Management at Florida Institute of Technology (2016-2017). Inspired by his research in 2017, Lukman’s action with the Plastic Action Network addressed the massive and unforeseen expansion of plastic garbage which overwhelmed local and national governments. Through his work, he measured two different approaches to this problem: including creating a support network in universities to adopt a watershed-beach ecosystem, then comparing the outcomes generated and challenges detected against a privatized, professional plastic garbage reclamation unit. Lukman found that the two approaches complement each other. Lukman has inspired innovation in the Plastic Action Network by joining with college programs and planning outreach events for participants to clean the water catchment areas that feed into rivers and the sea. The Plastic Action Network has planned events, including cleanups, seminars, music events, and contests, to reward the community members who participate. Lukman has also mobilized social media campaigns to enhance the image of the youth finding solutions to plastic garbage and environmental degradation. Lukman is deeply passionate about the environment and plastics reduction due to the large impact that plastics production has on climate change. Plastics are often created using energy from fossil fuels, which results in billions of tons of carbon pollution every year.