Lucia Chavez has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Ecology from the University of San Francisco, Quito. Currently, she is the coordinator of “Sarawarmi Creative Laboratory,” a startup focused on designing experiences through art, science, or games for children and adults. In this process, Lucia has a special interest in motivating kids and young people to explore books and reading. Lucía also served as Head of Education of the Metropolitan Centre of Art in Quito for two and half years. During her time there, she designed programs and ran workshops relating to the art exhibitions, and coordinated and trained the facilitator’s team. These experiences helped develop Lucia`s leadership abilities and program management skills. Living and working in the tropical rain forest periodically for the past several years, Lucia developed strong bonds with the indigenous communities in the area and a renewed passion for their conservation and sustainability. Her past experiences taught her that education is the most effective strategy to positively impact these rural and indigenous communities. Currently, her areas of focus include education, opportunity access, and using art to promote social change.