Lolade (Lolly) Durotoye has over fifteen years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health and Exercise Science from Wake Forest University, a Master’s of Science degree in Clinical Forensic Science from Drexel University, and a certificate in Global Health Delivery from Harvard University. In her current role as a Health Policy Advisor at Partners in Health (PIH) in Sierra Leone, Lolly provides technical guidance to the Ministry of Health (MOH) for the implementation of the National Health Sector Strategic Plan. She oversees program implementation, conducts policy analysis, and engages with stakeholders at a high level. Lolly also plays a leadership role as co-chair of MOHS’ Governance and Leadership group and the national representative body of health NGOs, serving as the liaison for the Ministry. Through her extensive experience, Lolly has acquired skills in scientific research, strategic planning, results-based project management, partnership development, and resource mobilization. Areas of particular interest to Lolly in the nonprofit sector include health policy development, program implementation, and partnership building for effective healthcare delivery.