Liz Karonde is a dedicated team leader who is passionate about creating communication and development content for young people in Malawi. She started her career as a Communications Officer for an arts organization in 2013, and has since worked in the creative sector in different roles. She started working for Girl Effect Malawi in 2016 as a Cast Manager and helped set up a vibrant multimedia youth brand called ‘Zathu’, meaning ‘Ours’ in Chichewa. She was responsible for managing the schedule of the core cast, who are also the faces of the brand, and traveled with them as a contact for all meetings, interviews, and performances. She then moved on to a bigger role in 2019 as Production Manager, a position she currently holds. Liz’s role involves managing the production team and overseeing all content (radio, print, digital) that goes out to ensure it is in line with brand identity. Her new interest is SBCC, and she plans to enroll in an MPH program with a focus on SBCC so she can continue developing creative content for young people with a focus on behavioral change. Additionally, Liz also volunteered as the youngest serving board member for one of the local organizations, called Malawi Scotland Partnership, between 2015 and 2017. Liz is passionate about young people and wants to expand her volunteer experience to work directly with girls in different schools near her area through a mentorship program to inspire girls to achieve their dreams.