Liubov Kapustina is a filmmaker based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She has five years of experience in the non-profit sector, including a Vice-President position at AIESEC in Saint Petersburg, two volunteering AIESEC projects in Poland and Indonesia, and a year grant program with European Solidarity Corps in Marseille, France. Liubov produced, directed, and edited over 20 low-budget independent films and worked for a production company where dozens of videos were produced for stock platforms. She has experience managing a complete project cycle, including the oversight and approval of locations, script, technical resources, and key staff and crew. Liubov has strong organizational skills, as she has created an international Kino Time Film Festival where 16 films were collected, selected, and screened. As an activist, Liubov cares about the position of women in society; during her time with the European Solidarity Corps, she worked with young women in a juvenile detention center where she taught them photography and video making. She also researched the topic of prohibited professions for women in Russia and made a video report for news. She filmed a documentary research project on menstruation “Month After Month” in France and Israel and, in 2021, she filmed a feminist art project “Did Anyone Hear The Hare Cry?”. She is also a facilitator of an #IamRemarkable workshop, launched by Google. Liubov’s interest lies in the field of gender equality in the film industry and in promoting international volunteering.