Liliya Kukushkina is the founder of the social movement “Hello, this is Me” to support people with visible differences, especially children, and to prevent bullying in primary schools. Liliya is an alopecia advocate for families with children with alopecia in Russia. She is an Accessibility & Service Manager at the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow. She has an economics degree from Canada and has won a scholarship to study Social Work in Australia. In the last four years, she dedicated herself to support families with children with alopecia, because she lost her hair when she was four, and she knows what it means to be excluded from society and feel insecure just because you look different. She gathered a group of volunteers and created a visible difference tolerance lesson for children at primary schools, so those children, who look different will learn in a safe and positive environment, and other children will accept their look without aggression and fear. As an Accessible & Service Manager at the Polytechnic Museum of Moscow, which is under reconstruction, Liliya is responsible for designing an accessible and friendly physical environment for people with disabilities. She actively encourages participating in museum planning to people of all experience by following the principle “nothing about us without us”.