Ksenia Onopko earned a Specialist’s degree in Public Administration from Moscow State University of Psychology & Education and has seven years of work experience in the non-profit sector. Currently, Ksenia works in Konstantin Khabensky Foundation. She implements supplies of precision equipment and consumables for clinics in Moscow and Saint Petersburg where children and young adults with brain tumors get treatment and rehabilitation. Ksenia regularly analyzes the needs of clinics, helps to develop infrastructure, and improves the quality of medical services. She is also responsible for ensuring smooth work with suppliers. Ksenia provided 68 supplies of precision equipment and consumables. Due to this, more than 2000 children and young adults with brain tumors receive better medical care annually. Previously, Ksenia worked as a program manager at the charitable fund “Galchonok”. In this role, Ksenia led a program to help children with cerebral palsy get rehabilitation. During this time, more than 500 children with disabilities received assistance under her leadership. Thanks to this experience, Ksenia acquired skills in project coordination and the ability to achieve high results even in rough going conditions. Currently, her main area of interest is the rehabilitation for people with severe diseases.