Ksenia Kubasova has over twelve years of experience in project coordination and management, public health, and teaching at the university level. Ksenia earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Sociology at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia and her Master of Public Health at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Followed by her work in the telecom sector at Moscow as a sales manager support department, she switched her career path to the NGO sector where she headed the M&E Unit of the umbrella organizations in HIV prevention among vulnerable populations. Her career path continued in Asia where she worked in Nepal, Thailand, and coordinated a project for HelpAge International in Myanmar. She organized nine training sessions for 90 Burmese professionals from the education and government sector with an aim of capacity building the public health system. In addition to that, Ksenia taught at the Thammasat University on subjects such as health promotion, international migration, and social skills. She has two years of experience as a Director of the international bachelor program in Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship. She contributed to the learning experience of 124 students from several countries and managed to build an international team of instructors with experience from business, NGOs, and the academic sector. The area of her research is migrants’ health, counseling, and mental health of adults. Ksenia is passionate about mental health and wellbeing and is currently working as a freelance consultant after the completion of a Mental Health and Social Support course with the International Organization for Migration in 2019.