Khadija Mrisho is a lawyer with expertise in land tenure policy, legal and regulatory reform, customary land rights, land registration and titling, women’s and youth land rights, land-based investment, climate change, land-related institutional capacity building, conflict resolution, and project management. To promote the proper use of land and other natural resources through policy and legislation, Khadija conducted a number of interventions, such as youth land rights assessment to advance policy reforms in line with youth needs and priorities, and youth and climate change assessments. Furthermore, she assessed a range of proposed and existing laws and policies governing land and natural resources, as well as institutional capacity in managing bestowed resources. She also developed and implemented training materials on land rights, women’s and youth land rights, and the environment in general, and conducted capacity building trainings for youth, women, and communities on land rights. Khadija holds a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Dar es Salaam and a postgraduate degree in law from the Law School of Tanzania.