Kazem Hemeida is a development professional with 10 years of experience, of which five years of progressive positions were at Humanity & Inclusion (HI). Kazem currently occupies the position of Cairo Area Manager, where he oversees the operational aspects of Cairo projects. In addition, Hemeida leads the HI’s Inclusion Technical Unit based in Egypt, with a mandate to support diverse stakeholders from the private sector, civil society organizations, and government to adopt disability-inclusive policies and practices. Before working at HI, Hemeida worked as a Senior Program Specialist at the Center for Development Services, where he managed projects that aim to enhance the empowerment of youth and women. He also contributed to local and global participatory studies. Moreover, he worked at Egyptian non-governmental organizations such as the Egyptian Youth Federation, where he contributed to the design and implementation of various projects that aimed to improve civic participation for youth and women. Furthermore, Hemeida is an experienced trainer and facilitator who organized Open Space Technology workshops, designed and facilitated simulation games workshops that were attended by hundreds of participants. Hemeida holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Cairo University. He is a recipient of the Peace Scholarships Program, where he studied for one year at Colorado State University, winner of the World Bank’s Global Fund for Youth Investment Grant for his project about enhancing youths’ employability through self-employment in the ICT sector, and Youth Guest Speaker at the Clinton’s Global Initiative.