Kavin Sabri is an experienced humanitarian work professional with a background in advocating for human rights. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in English language and literature at Dohuk University in Iraq and has dedicated the past decade to working in the field. Throughout her career, Kavin has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in various areas, particularly gender-based violence (GBV), project management, and legal protection. Presently, Kavin holds the position of program manager, focusing on advocacy efforts concerning violence against women (VAW) in Iraq. Her role involves leading and coordinating initiatives aimed at raising awareness about the issue, promoting policy changes, and ensuring the rights and safety of women are protected. Kavin’s educational background in English language and literature enhances her ability to effectively communicate and advocate for VAW-related issues. Her project management skills enable her to efficiently organize and implement programs and campaigns, ensuring maximum impact and reach. Through her work, Kavin strives to make a positive difference in the lives of women in Iraq, aiming to create a society free from violence and discrimination. Her passion for humanitarian work, coupled with her extensive knowledge and experience, positions her as an asset in the fight against VAW in Iraq.