Jean Junior Lozama is 44 years old and lives in Les Cayes, Haiti. He studies administrative sciences at Public University of South Aux Cayes (UPSAC) with many years of experiences in administrative and financial
management and in supporting the implementation of development projects of a social and economic nature. He also studied linguistics at the Faculty of Applied Linguistics in the State University of Haiti with years in language
teaching at the secondary school level. Junior Lozama has started in June 2018 an MBA in leadership and sustainability at Cumbria University in the UK in partnership with Robert Kennedy College in Switzerland. And, he has already submitted his final dissertation. Junior worked from 2006 to 2009 for the “Evangelical Baptist Mission of South Haiti” (in French acronym MEBSH) as assistant to the accountant and then as an accountant. From 2007 to 2009, he assisted two professors in the courses of financial mathematics and accounting principles at the “Public University of South Aux Cayes (UPSAC). Since November 2009, Junior Lozama has
worked for Heifer International Haiti initially as an administrator/accountant then as a finance officer. Junior Lozama has about 15 years of experience in administration, accounting, and financial management. Some social issues of his interest are particularly local development and education.