Juma Baldeh has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector and earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Systems from the University of the Gambia. Juma founded the nonprofit HackathonGirls, Banjul, where she currently teaches free web literacy, basic IT skills, and programming languages to girls aged 8 to 18 and organizes technology workshops for women who are in the technology field or have never coded before. Through her work, 100 girls and women in the Gambia became web literate. Juma also serves as the Program Manager at the American Corner, where she oversees over 10 staff and manages all programs. Previously, Juma worked as a Country Manager for Kubo, a nonprofit organization under the Swallow Center for Emancipating Education. At Kubo, she helped improve formal schools to bridge the gap from informal ICT use to reliable e-learning environments. Juma also worked in the private sector as a Product Engineer, where she ensured the quality of health products.