Júlia Regina Gabriel has six years of experience in the nonprofit sector and seven years of experience in business consultancy. Júlia has a Bachelor’s degree from the State University of Amazonas. She is determined to fight for social causes such as economic empowerment, women entrepreneurship, and education assessment. While working and studying, Julia volunteered at the Tchibum Institute. She led several groups of volunteers, organized events to raise funds to needy institutions of various causes, and negotiated with companies to get free services and donations to volunteer activities. Later, Julia joined the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community, aiming to motivate Amazonas teenagers and young adults to engage in volunteer activities. She left her job at Tchibum Institute as Vice-President to start Urban Hero, her social startup to unite donors and institutions in need. As a result of working with NGOs and small social projects, Julia realized volunteers needed background in management to evolve their projects, so she started the School of Heroes, free workshops for social entrepreneurs and volunteers to learn how to improve their projects. Presently, she is Director at CDL Jovem, an association whose principal goal is Economic Empowerment. In her current role, Julia has created the Pink Wave, a group that focuses on uniting, developing, and empowering female entrepreneurs. She plans to evaluate her work with women’s entrepreneurship and economic empowerment in CDL Jovem and improve Urban Hero as a disruptive social project.