Julia Hurley received a Master’s degree in International Development at the University of Vienna, Austria, focusing on environmental sustainability and economics. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Drama and Government at the University of Virginia. Most recently, she worked with an international, student-run consulting organization that helps social businesses and non-profits. She managed a five-person team on a project focusing on marketing and communications for a small non-profit volunteering platform, working closely with the client and coordinating the team’s activities for the final product. Prior to this, Julia interned with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, where she worked with the Agribusiness department on technical and vocational education projects. She conducted research, wrote and edited project-related documents, and found creative solutions to problems with the data analysis from field surveys. Julia has worked in a number of other positions related to social engagement both in the NGO and nonprofit spheres as well as in the private sector development assistance. Through these experiences, she developed strong skills in leadership, project implementation, and communication. Julia is passionate about sustainability and environmental protection; she strongly believes in these issues’ relevance to social causes as environmental damage has devastating effects on human health, economic opportunity, and long-term social connections. She is committed to doing her part in shaping policy and behavior change.