Huyen Nguyen is currently a Founder of Education for the Vietnam Organic Lifestyle social enterprise (EVOL). Her social enterprise particularly focuses on youth empowerment and environmental issues. Five years of running a social enterprise give her a good insight into the social enterprise environment in Vietnam and other countries while helping her to strengthen her multi-managing ability and skills in managing different stakeholders. Playing different roles during her seven years of working and taking part in the national, regional, and international projects as a team leader, assistant, coordinator, founder, manager, consultant, and mentor gave Huyen a better understanding of different roles in team cohesion. Huyen has earned her Master’s of Art in International Development Studies, focusing on sustainable environment development. Her major allows her to have a wider understanding of development sectors and dig deeper into the environmentally sustainable development field, especially in waste management. Huyen enjoys focusing on the topics of sustainable development and environmental development, as well as youth empowerment.