Jennifer Bertilla Ejinkeonye is a Bachelor’s degree holder in English and Literature from the University of Benin, Nigeria. She is a passionate and goal-driven individual who is interested in helping women and girls improve their chances for a better future by contributing to their knowledge and skills. As a gender equality advocate, she continuously attempts to establish a place for women and girls with little to no information on how to improve themselves in the rural areas of Nigeria. Presently, she works with a non-profit organization, Women Empowerment Education and Peace Building Initiative (WEPBI) where she has developed excellent communication and social team working skills. Jennifer implements these skills to expand her leadership responsibilities to continue advocating for women and girls in rural areas. She is the acting Program Officer of WEPBI and has channeled her energy towards ongoing projects like One Girl One Pad Initiative, Women Leadership Academy, and the Women’s Voice and Leadership project. She is also a basking entrepreneur — the founder and CEO of Recardos Bertie, an e-commerce that is progressively operating in Lagos, Nigeria. Jennifer is an enthusiastic writer and blogger who advocates for the need to reform the identity of the male gender in today’s African society through insightful writings on her new blog known as ‘The Kings’ Lounge.’ Jennifer is an ambassador of the World Literacy Foundation (WLF). She is also undertaking a special development project called the Female Entrepreneurial Leadership Development (FELD). The project is established as part of her community service through the Atlas Corps Virtual Leadership Institute program. FELD is a means of creating sustainable entrepreneurship platforms for females in Nigeria. The project is in line with the UN’s Sustainability Goals of Zero Hunger, Quality Education, Decent Work, and Economic Growth as well as Reduced Inequality. These sustainability goals are to be achieved over time through activities that will cut across the three focus areas of the project which are: Digital Technology for Entrepreneurial Advancement, Enhanced Agricultural Learning and Skill Acquisition.