Inaê Brandão is a communicator and journalist born and educated in the Brazilian Amazon. She has been working in the field since she began her studies in Social Communication at the Federal University of Roraima, where she also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Law. Currently, she works as a communications coordinator at Conservation International (CI), where she uses her skills to strengthen actions and policies for nature conservation and the empowerment of indigenous and traditional Brazilian communities. At CI, she executes communications work on several fronts: forest restoration, strengthening of indigenous communities, sustainable production, tourism, and fishing, among others. Previously, she worked as a communicator for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on the Venezuelan migration crisis. She worked producing content on children and adolescents’ rights, strengthening local organizations and partners and helping to spread vital information to the migrant and refugee community. Inaê began her career in communications working for four years at the G1 news portal, one of the largest in the country, producing news from the region for a national audience. She has ten years of experience as a volunteer teaching children and teenagers. With these years of experience, Inaê has developed strong communication skills and interpersonal relationships, as well the ability to work in adverse situations and the will to use her abilities to make a difference in people’s lives. Inaê is interested in human rights and considers the climate crisis one of the most urgent threats to their proper fulfillment.