Husam Abusheha has many years of public and reproductive health experience in the non-profit sector. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Palestine Collage of Nursing in Gaza Strip, Palestinian Territories. Since 2017, Husam has been working in the field of public health as Health Educator at Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association. He has worked closely with international and local health experts to raise awareness about public and reproductive health and debunk health-related myths in the Palestinian community. Husam recently started working as Country Coordinator for Gaza Strip at the International Youth Alliance For Family Planning – an international hub of committed changemakers who want to raise people’s awareness about public health. Husam has worked as a clinical instructor at European Gaza hospital in the pediatric department. Husam strongly believes that advocating for public and reproductive health in the Palestinian community is challenging. Therefore, he has developed strong leadership and networking skills to better support his community.