Guntur Priadi has over eight years of working experience in the Directorate General of State Asset Management (DGSAM), Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia. He received two scholarships from the Ministry of Finance in Diploma of Asset Management and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Accounting from STAN State Finance Polytechnic (Ministry of Finance’s university institution). He has some interests in the infrastructure sector, environmental economy, and youth development. His latest research is about the Optimization of State Assets in Indonesia using Sharing Economy Model. He also initiated “DJKN Muda” as a platform for young policymakers in DGSAM to make some movements related to policymaking in Indonesia. He also created a public policy Bootcamp for hundreds DGSAM’s young employees from all over Indonesia where they can learn how to make a comprehensive formula in making economic policy. Guntur mobilized the young policymakers from all over Indonesia in DJKN Muda to contribute more to the organization by internalizing the Evidence-Based Policy as a weapon in enhancing the quality of policymaking. DJKN Muda is a leading organization that has been making 50 policy recommendations from the young employee’s point of view. He and his team initiated some classes for more than 500 Ministry of Finance employees such as “Sharing Experience Class in Making Economic Policies”, “Research Methodology Class”, “Public Finance and Macroeconomic Class” so that the young employees of the Ministry of Finance could adapt the fit-for-purpose policy in making economic policies for the people of Indonesia.