Gregory Asiegbu has five years of experience as a trainer and consultant. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from the Federal University of Technology Owerri in Nigeria, and a Master’s degree in Oil and Gas Management from South American University in Delaware through distant learning. While working as a Management Researcher with Lagos Business School, he helped conduct research that provided strategic insight for entrepreneurs’ in Nigeria’s business environment. These insights include adopting digital technology, an efficient inventory management system, and operational improvement. He is enthusiastic about the promise of digital platforms in accelerating Africa’s industrialization. He has co-authored a book on Africa’s platforms and the evolving sharing economy. Previously, Gregory worked as a Project Coordinator and a founding member of a non-profit aimed at bridging the skill gap amongst African youth. Gregory has volunteered as a Project Coordinator on an SDG’s Advocacy Project in Nigeria, where he organized a medical outreach, skills, and capacity-building program for Internally Displaced Persons. Through these experiences, he developed vital research, analytical, project coordination, and implementation skills. He is an excellent communicator, leader, team member, and able to study trends and proffer solutions. Gregory enjoys focusing on the topics of human capital development, entrepreneurship, and emerging technology.