Feda’a Sobeh has six years of experience in the non-profit sector and is a PhD student in Curriculum and Teaching Methodology in English at the Institute of Arab Research and Studies, Egypt. She works as a program manager at Al Aqsa Sports Club Association. She is also a member of the National Team on Developing and Adapting Entrepreneurship Curricula in Palestine. She is an Entrepreneurship Trainer and a Business Plan Development Trainer. In addition, Feda’a was a judge at the graduation ceremony of Hult Prize at Al Quds Open University- Gaza. Feda’a is passionate about women’s rights, child protection and community protection and has been part of many projects that promote women and youth capacity building, leadership, non-violence and quality education. She is also a member of a community protection committee. Feda’a believes that her work background allows her to appreciate new perspectives and national differences. She believes in the power of community and the role of women and youth in bringing about positive change.