Fathina Diyanissa is a government employee from Jakarta, Indonesia. She is a design graduate turned public sector hustler with three-year experience in the creative economy, currently employed in the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy as the assistant to the Vice Minister. Fathina graduated with a Design major in Institut Teknologi Bandung and started her professional work as a designer for two years. Her desire to be involved in the creative sector beyond the practicing realm led her to join the Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy, where she specializes in the facilitation and potential development of Intellectual Property Rights in creative industries. Upon the merging of the agency into the Ministry of Tourism of Creative Economy, Fathina joined the assisting team to the Vice Minister, closely working with and reporting to the Vice Minister on strategic programs across the ministry. This gives her a valuable chance to see the helicopter view of the governance of the creative industry, as well as how it intersects with the tourism sector. In her further career in the public sector, Fathina hopes to remain rooted in her creative background, using her opportunities and acquired experiences to advance the ecosystem of the creative industry in Indonesia, particularly in empowering local culture and communities.