Faeiza Javed currently works as an emergency room crisis worker and has her own mental health private practice. Faeiza is a Pakistani-American Muslim who received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in social work from the University of Utah. Faeiza is a licensed clinical social worker and specializes in working with domestic violence and sexual assault survivors, childhood trauma, refugees, chronic illness, self-worth issues, and bullying. She also addresses multicultural issues such as microaggressions, discrimination, internalized oppression, and cultural or religious oppression that could have lasting impacts on mental health. Faeiza found her niche in trauma and is passionate about working with trauma survivors. She believes mental health is the missing key for many of the issues the world faces today. Faeiza hopes to one day become a leading voice for mental health at the international level. Faeiza also worked in her community to bring awareness to issues surrounding Islamophobia and reducing fear, by educating the public about Islam.