Elizaveta Evstifeeva has more than four years of experience in the administrative sphere and is currently working at McKinsey & Company as an executive assistant. Elizaveta earned her first Master’s degree in law in 2014 at Plekhanov Russian State University in Moscow. During her studies, she was granted the Chinese Government Scholarship and went to China for one year to study Mandarin. In 2016, Elizaveta graduated from Xiamen University in China with a Master’s degree in Chinese civil law. After graduation, Elizaveta worked as junior counsel in an IP law firm where she developed her communication and administrative skills. One year later, she moved to Poland to start her new role as an executive assistant where she translated and edited an online magazine for Chinese and Russian-speaking community. Since then, she has been interested in freedom of speech and migration problems in China and Russia. In her current workplace, Elizaveta participates in events by helping foreigners socialize and raise problems of migrants in Poland. Through these experiences, she has developed strong communication, planning, and self-management skills. It also brings her understanding of the importance of freedom of speech and protection of foreigners’ rights abroad.