Elena Rudneva received a Master’s degree in sociology from St. Petersburg State University, majoring in European Studies. In 2020, Elena completed professional training in psychological counseling and group leadership and currently combines work in NGOs with psychological counseling. Elena has seven years of experience in the non-profit organization Charity Foundation “Step Foward” as a project manager. Over the years, Elena has run more than 100 fundraising campaigns and organized more than 300 events for different audiences, including corporate charity projects. In 2020, Elena participated in charity fundraising for rapid tests for COVID -19 for medical facilities in the city. As an independent psychological counselor, Elena participates in the international FEM and LGBT-friendly volunteer project “Adriatica” to provide psychological assistance to vulnerable populations, people in difficult life situations and members of minorities. Elena has experience working on the city helpline to provide emergency psychological help to the population. Her main interests are in the field of protecting the rights of vulnerable groups, feminism and grassroots initiatives.