Elena Kizimina is an expert in organizational psychology, specifically regarding staff education, training, and development, with particular attention to career transformation, personal self-awareness, and change. She has five years of experience as a Project General Manager in the construction and development of innovative centers for child care, edutainment, psychological support, and professional orientation. Elena believes that career guidance should be included in the concept of secondary education since early ages, and implemented this social initiative across education facilities. During this job, she was responsible for all stages of a project launch starting from concept generation, leading a team, organizational planning, GR, fundraising, and stakeholder management. The centers she ran now provide special training in various professional areas, such as developing strengths and leadership skills, IT awareness, skills for online study, and wellbeing. Elena is also passionate about hand-holding for adults who face the problem of career adjustment and unhappiness. As for her professional background, Elena was a teacher and a personal tutor after earning her Bachelor’s degree from Teacher Training University. Subsequently, she earned her Master’s in Foreign Trade Management. While gaining practical experience working for a global company in logistics, she continued postgraduate education at the University of Warwick, with a closer focus on Organization Management and Human Psychology. Elena’s teaching skills combined with actual business management resulted in her deep insight into how people make change within organizations and what the root causes are.