Elena Kim earned a Master’s degree in Ecology at RUDN University. As a student, she took an internship in oil and gas companies at Gazprom Neft Shelf and defended her thesis on the topic of “Environmental impact assessment of ice-resistant stationary platform Prirazlomnaya”. In 2014, she joined a company supplying corrosion monitoring equipment to the oil and gas industry. The equipment helped predict pipeline life and track corrosion rate in real-time. In parallel with her studies at the university, Elena continued to work and defended her thesis on the topic of “Environmental and economic evaluation of the accident on the oil and gas industry”. During her studies, she wrote and published five scientific articles. Elena started working as a junior technical specialist and in three years grew to the head of the corrosion monitoring department. During her work, she has visited more than 22 cities, 9 oil and gas fields, and 4 oil refineries. She has successfully implemented and launched dozens of projects for monitoring the corrosion rate on pipelines. The pandemic made Elena look at her life differently and understood what she really wants to do. She is interested in promoting intercultural understanding, environmental protection, and sustainable lifestyle through activities in non-government and non-profit organizations.