Dione Sharon has five years of experience in peacebuilding and humanitarian coordination programming. She has a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Social Science from the Protestant University of Central Africa and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Buea. She is also Certified in Disaster Risk and Humanitarian Management from the Pan African Institute for Development – West Africa and is an alumnus of the Young African Leaders Initiatives (YALI). She currently works as INGO Forum Officer, fostering coordination initiatives, collaboration, joint research, analysis, and advocacy among 24 international NGOs advancing emergency relief and development response within complex security contexts in Cameroon. Prior to this role, Sharon volunteered with the Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network as a Program Consultant where she facilitated joint program coordination, collaboration, and learning for effective peacebuilding by youth organizations within the Network in Cameroon. Sharon previously led as the program team lead for a National Peacebuilding NGO, implementing peace and conflict management initiatives including USAID-funded community peace and security initiatives, peace research and policy, as well as community dialogue, and mediation processes. She is a lifelong learner, passionate, and committed to supporting collaboration and partnership in delivering humanitarian assistance and peacebuilding.