Dennis Dias is a teacher with over a decade of experience in education. He is a 35-year-old resident of New York City. Dennis was born in southern California. He completed an undergraduate degree in history and English at the University of California, Riverside. As an undergraduate, Dennis volunteered with organizations supporting LGBT youth. After graduating, Dennis served as a United States Peace Corps volunteer in Albania, contributing to youth development and English instruction. His experiences in Albania instilled an ongoing concern for international development and-cultural exchange opportunities. Dennis completed a master’s degree in Intellectual Disability/Autism at Teachers College, Columbia University, and is currently completing a master’s degree in International Policy Management at Kennesaw State University. Dennis works as a special education teacher for the New York City Department of Education. Dennis specializes in inclusive and literacy instruction as a special education teacher. Dennis is interested in international and comparative education, particularly institutional policies that promote access, equity, and inclusion for all students, regardless of their gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, home language, ability status, or migratory status. He believes that educational policies and practices are deeply entwined with matters of social justice. Although often regarded as a secondary concern, education is a central pillar in sustainable development.