Daliya Ruth Manuel has been working as a Brand Manager at Vyakta, a workplace learning company based in Pune, India, for over three years. Daliya has been instrumental in managing Vyakta’s branding activities by using her expertise in social media management and designing to connect with the masses and effectively put across the brand’s story. Her learnings from the PG Certification program in Digital Marketing with a specialization in Branding and Communication at MICA has given a deeper understanding of the nuances of the digital media space. She traces her alma mater to the Asian School of Business, where she successfully pursued a Postgraduate Diploma in Management, with a specialization in Human Resource Management and Marketing. Daliya, being a keen people person, has donned the role of English Teacher at Nirmala School in Aluva for students from seventh through to twelfth grades, bringing about a drastic change in the students’ spoken language capabilities. She constantly endeavors towards making the world a better place in her own small way. In pursuit of this goal, she worked on an app that integrates farmers, under the mentorship of Ranveer Chandra, Principal Researcher, Microsoft. She is extremely passionate about people development. She considers emotional first aid as a vital, yet highly underutilized tool in addressing issues related to mental health.