Chiedza Chinakwetu is a proactive change agent with an acute appreciation and understanding of social justice issues, and a passion for working towards bettering the lives of marginalized peoples. Chiedza’s goal is to educate and empower communities so that they can advocate for their social well-being and consequently break the cycle of poverty. A graduate student of Case Western Reserve University, with seven years of experience working with marginalized populations in Africa and the United States, Chiedza commands strong competencies in facilitating, negotiating, and project planning and management. As a Social Administrator, Chiedza has worked with large humanitarian aid organizations, such as World Vision as a Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Consultant, where she was responsible for mainstreaming GESI across programs. Her role as a Donor Engagement and Advancement Intern for Catholic Relief Services (CRS) enabled her to better understand how large NGOs secure funding from both the United States Government and NGO entities. In addition, Chiedza has extensive research experience which she gained as a Research Assistant working with data analysis software such as SAS and Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) at the Center on Urban and Community Development. Although Chiedza has varied interests, she is incredibly passionate about the advancement of women. To this end, she has developed a microfinance program for victims of Gender-Based Violence in Mangwe District, Zimbabwe. Chiedza managed to foster women’s participation in community development activities and increased their participation by 60% in a two-year period during her time with the Government of Zimbabwe working as a Social Services Officer under the Department of Social Services. Through it all, these experiences developed and strengthened Chiedza’s program management and business development skills.