Bestone Banda is the founder of Ubuchingo DCI Zambia and the Executive Director at ECPAT Zambia. Bestone has a degree in Mass Communication, and he also studied Diplomatic Practice, Protocol and Public Relations. He is a child rights activist with over 19 years of experience in the children’s sector. Bestone Banda dreams of a world where children’s rights are respected and upheld. He is an expert in advocacy and people management. His name is associated with campaigns to end child sexual exploitation and child labor, and provide children with mental health and protection. He has participated in the formulation of national policies and laws such as the Zambia National Child Policy, the Zambia Child Participation Policy, the Child Safeguarding Framework and the Child Code Bill. Most recently, Bestone has been working on his mobilization and advocacy skills to make his organization more proactive. Bestone is also a passionate broadcaster and host of “The Right Joint” on One Love Radio. He is an accomplished musician with a number of albums to his name.