Atupere Phiri is a professional from Malawi with a passion for engaging and supporting underprivileged communities. With over ten years of progressive clinical and community work experience, Atupere is a clinician by profession, holding a Master’s of Science in Management Studies from the Malawi Institute of Management. Currently employed as a Program Mentor for the Palliative Care Program within the Integrated Chronic Care Clinic (IC3) system, Atupere has successfully conducted training, mentorship, and supervision for healthcare workers in nine government-owned health facilities in Neno. As a program supervisor, Atupere Phiri actively participates in quality improvement projects aimed at addressing gaps in non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Neno. Atupere firmly believes that poverty is a major contributor to social injustice in developing countries, including Malawi. As a health professional, Atupere is committed to improving the health outcomes of underprivileged communities by providing comprehensive care and treatment through a biopsychosocial approach.