Anna Reutova was born in Seversk, Russia. She graduated from Tomsk State University with a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Economics. While still a student, Anna was offered a position at the University’s Department of International Financial Reporting Standards. In this position, her main focus area is bringing Russian financial reporting into compliance with the international financial reporting standards of the government sector and thus making the university’s financial reporting transparent and accessible to its partners worldwide. Anna’s other significant focus area is working with international funds like Oxford Fund and European Commission funds, large international volunteering projects, international research projects, and grants. She oversees financial management of each project from budgeting and submitting an application to preparing a final financial report once a project is complete. Anna spends a lot of time consulting university employees about the intricacies of financial reporting, accounting, and tax accounting. In her spare time, Anna serves as a member of a nonprofit organization Association of Lawyers of Russia (Tomsk branch) where she is involved in several social projects aimed at providing free legal advice to underserved communities. Through her extensive work experience and continuous involvement with the nonprofit sector and socially important issues, Anna developed great expertise in financial management and strong project management skills. Anna is most interested in education and healthcare, where she is sure her skills will be most useful and for which there is a lot of room for growth in Russia.