Ando Razafiaritsara is a public servant with nine years of experience in the Ministry of Economy and Finance. She held many positions in different departments within the ministry, such as being a financial auditor, research analyst, and executive assistant. She also leads a non-profit organization, African Leaders for Africa, which contributes to community improvement related to the environment, education, health and hygiene, youth empowerment, and entrepreneurship. She studied Business Administration at INSCAE, Private Law at CNTEMAD, and Public Procurements at ENAM. In 2017, she participated in the Young African Leadership Initiative at the Regional Learning Center in South Africa within the Public Management track. Two years later, she founded ALFA with friends she met during the YALI program with the desire to bring positive change while applying skills and methods learned during their training. Ando is passionate about country development, social change, and team working. Her first volunteering experience was as a volunteer teacher for underprivileged children on the streets. After this first engagement, she decided to bring her contribution to sustainable development in Madagascar to the African continent. She enjoys focusing on the topics of youth empowerment, education, and the environment.