Ana Cláudia Costa was raised in Belém, State of Pará. She has always been outraged by the unequal opportunities present in Brazil’s large centers and interior. Seeing herself as a bridge between these two worlds, she has been working for over five years on impact projects in public administration and the third sector to promote sustainable economic development and reduce poverty, especially in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil. This desire to contribute to poverty reduction, in addition to her early contact with politics, motivated her to focus on the area of public law and infrastructure, having worked in reference office and several governmental and non-governmental agencies. Being an agent of transformation everywhere she went, she started working in law firms. When she realized she could do more for society, she joined the Secretariat of Economic Development, Mining and Energy of the State of Pará through Vetor Brasil. Subsequently, she was invited to be Assistant Secretary of Social Assistance. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ana Cláudia coordinated support projects for four states in the Planning and Health Secretariats to optimize decision-making from data analysis. Ana Cláudia is currently a candidate of the Master in Public Policy program at Insper and a J.D. Bachelor of Law from Fundação Getulio Vargas – FGV Direito Rio. She is a Vetor Brasil alumna and World Bank Youth Summit delegate.