Alina Shaikhlislamova focuses on the goal of improving healthcare in Russia and the world by increasing the availability of innovative medicine for everyone. Alina possesses communication and organizational skills and has experience organizing and leading a volunteer team of ten people to teach schoolchildren to sort consumption waste and improve the environment. Alina also has technical and medical knowledge gained from over eight years as a Medical Equipment Sales Manager, Biomedical Engineer, and Implant Modeling worker. For almost three years now, Alina works as a Design Engineer of implants and medical equipment, where she wrote four know-hows and filed a patent. Alina’s main tasks are communicating with customers, forming a concept of a product, implementing modeling a prosthesis or equipment using software, and drawing up a report on the work done. Additionally, Alina is a Research Assistant at the Cyprus University of Technology in Cyprus. Together with her team, Alina is developing a new generation of portable blood analyzers. Working as an Engineer and Scientist, Alina continually participates in various scientific exhibitions and symposia. She annually makes scientific reports as a popularizer of science at city educational sites. Alina is concerned about the political and human rights situations in Russia. Alina would like to see her native country and fellow citizens take initiative for the country’s ecology, tolerate and respect each other, and know and defend their rights.