Alexandra Vislyaeva earned her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from a university in London. As a student, she tried different fields of the profession, such as broadcasting, interviewing, writing articles, and editing. Her best broadcasts were about social issues, such as food waste in England, and her articles were about people whose stories needed to be heard. After university, Alexandra returned to Moscow and helped a children’s hospice, House with Lighthouse, online with translating medical leaflets about palliative care. Currently, Alexandra works as a Project and SMM Manager at a charity foundation, Childhood River, which helps children from orphanages find families. Before that, and to find out how the social sector functions in Russia, she interned with Into the Future Fund. She helped to organize an animal rescue month with online and offline events (both fundraising and educational), cooperated with the fund’s partners, and made sure the donated money was delivered to animal shelters. Alexandra plans on using her professional journalistic and organizational skills to expand the sector of cancer care for adult patients in Russia, as she considers it overwhelmingly underestimated and abandoned. She is particularly interested in the age group 14-35 because it is hard for these patients to share experiences and communicate, as they are not frequent visitors to the hospitals. Alexandra aims at making it easier for these people to find each other and share their experiences.