Alex Szebenyi is a software engineer and the CTO for Acquaint, a nonprofit community of volunteers who overcome the “us and them” mentality through one-on-one conversations. As CTO, Alex is responsible for all the organization’s technical aspects, including developing the Acquaint software platform, which volunteers use in over 55 countries. Separately, at insurtech-startup AssuranceIQ, he has worked as a principal software engineer. Over the last three years, he led critical teams before and after one of the world’s largest and fastest fintech startup exits. Additionally, Alex has worked at tech startups focused on machine learning/AI and immigration. His career started after receiving a BA in Biological Sciences from SUNY Buffalo. He performed neuroscience research in a chemosensory lab, contributing to several papers before transitioning to software engineering roles. Alex’s interests include neuroscience and building software systems that empower personal growth on a global scale. At Acquaint, he focuses on building social cohesion and international solidarity by using technology and volunteerism to facilitate positive contact across divisions of all kinds. Generally, he is also excited about ways to sustainably empower the nonprofit sector to innovate in the tech space.