Aikande Robert Nkya has seven years of experience in non-governmental organizations focusing on empowering Tanzanian youth, particularly women and girls. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Community Economic Development from Moshi Cooperative University. Her current role is as the Kisa Program Manager for AfricAid, which was transformed into Girls Livelihood and Mentorship Initiatives. GLAMI provided leadership and life skills classes to 6,000 secondary school girls in Arusha and Kilimanjaro in 2020. She has extensive experience with fundraising and event planning and recently started an NGO, Nguzo Women and Youth Foundation, where she is the Associate Executive Director. The NGO imparts knowledge, specifically on reproductive health, counseling sessions, and entrepreneurial information, to boys and girls who are both in school and out of school. The goal is to improve primary school performance and access to economic opportunities. Her other non-profit experience includes serving as a Board Member for multiple NGOs in Kilimanjaro, working for Time to Empower Africa’s Children (now called Anza), and holding a role in program coordination at Training for Life, where she oversaw the residential program for youths. She is a Mama Hope International Organization East Africa Global Advocate Alumna, where she presented at its Alumni Conference in San Francisco, CA.