Atlas Corps celebrates its 15th anniversary! It is time to celebrate the achievements of our amazing network of over 1,100 leaders from 110 countries and share stories on the global impact of our Alumni, Fellows, and Scholars.

Today we speak with Atlas Corps Scholar Ando (Cohort 3, Madagascar) from the Atlas Corps: Madagascar Emerging Leaders Initiative. Ando is the Founder of African Leaders for Africa (ALFA) Madagascar, a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable development throughout the African continent through health and hygiene, quality education, environmental work, and youth promotion and entrepreneurship programs in Madagascar. Ando shares with us how she has applied her passion and leadership skills towards global impact.

Ando, we are truly inspired by and grateful for your impressive work towards sustainable development and youth promotion in Madagascar. Thank you for sharing with us your global impact, as well as your personal and professional growth. We wish you the best with this impactful work!

Name: Ando Hanitriniala Razafiaritsara

Home Country: Madagascar

Current Organization: African Leaders for Africa (ALFA) Madagascar

Role at current organization: President

Social Issues that you have worked with: Quality education, Good health and well-being, Climate action


Tell us about projects you have worked on?

In 2019, I founded the African Leaders for Africa (ALFA) Madagascar, a nonprofit organization. The first activity of ALFA Madagascar was in December 2019 where we held a tree planting of 1,200 trees, followed by a concert for the official opening of our program.

In February 2020, my team hosted an open house and a five-day training on personal development. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we commercialized a 3D printed safety mask, “Mandrava Mask,” in April, as well as cleaned a schoolyard of a public school in June. At the school, we painted the walls of the school, sensitized, met with and taught the pupils how to make their own hand sanitizer with aloe vera, alcohol, and water, and then finally offered them eighty cloth masks.

ALFA Besarety 2020

In 2021, we held two tree plantings at different sites, where we planted 700 and 400 trees, respectively. Then we organized a collective art exhibition on promoting women, called “NY VEHIVAVY”, which was advertised on the radio and appeared twice on National TV news. The Minister of Communication and Culture attended and delivered a speech because she agreed to be the official sponsor of this event. In June, we held ten sessions of artistic workshop for children at a private school in rural area Ankazobe Alasora within the 4FAA private school. This project later became sponsored by the French Embassy. At the moment, we are working on a six-month program that aims to: provide drawing workshops and environmental education to the pupils, publish a book sensitizing about environment protection, and plant trees with the pupils and their parents. We are also currently preparing Personal Development trainings for October to December 2021, as well as planning a six-month entrepreneurship training for underprivileged women and people with disabilities by November 2021.

ALFA reboisement 2021 (Reforestation Project)

Why is it important for you to promote sustainable development for the youth and underprivileged populations?

I feel committed to my community improvement and I want to demonstrate that we can act together and bring positive impact. Even if we are a simple individual, a non-profit organization, a private or a public institution, we can collaborate and bring hope to the African continent.

How has Atlas Corps contributed to your professional and personal accomplishments?

Atlas Corps positively contributed to my professional and personal accomplishments as it gave me the tools and methods to structure ALFA. It broadened my global network and I have learned several new skills. It made me more aware of my personality and helped me to be more resilient.

March 2021 Art Exhibition, Ny Vehivavy

What is your favorite Atlas Corps memory?

I particularly liked the Peer Coaching Group Calls because each session boosted my motivation.

What advice do you have for applicants and current Scholars?

Atlas Corps is an amazing program, applicants and Scholars should enjoy the most of this opportunity. Doing all of the assignments are key for personal and professional growth. Networking with other scholars and fellows is a blessing!

What message would you like to send to individuals who support Atlas Corps?

Thank you for the program. It made me stronger, wiser and I do appreciate all of it!

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Photos from the personal archive of Ando Hanitriniala Razafiaritsara