Atlas Corps celebrates its 15th anniversary! It is time to celebrate the achievements of our amazing network of over 1,000 leaders from 105 countries and share stories on the global impact of our Alumni, Fellows, and Scholars.

Today we speak with our Palestinian Scholar Faten (Cohort 1) from our Virtual Leadership Institute. Faten currently works as the Human Resources Associate at United Nations for Relief & Work Agency, a nonprofit organization, where she works on maintaining trust between employees and management through increasing the structural communication to raise staff awareness about HR issues and regulations for ensuring a positive and enabling work environment most importantly in crisis and uncertainty situations.

Thank you, Faten, for your work in creating real opportunities for women to help them reach leadership positions at UNRWA. We appreciate learning about your women’s empowerment work and your personal and professional growth. We wish you the best with this impactful work!

Name: Faten A Rahman Jarad

Home Country: Palestinian Scholar

Current Organization: United Nations for Relief & Work Agency

Role at current organization: Human Resources Associate

Social Issues that you have worked with: No poverty, Clean water and sanitation, Decent work, and economic growth.


Tell us about projects you have worked on?

While I was working at the Recruitment Office at the United Nations for Relief and Work Agency, I made tremendous efforts in improving the quality standards of living for refugees on infrastructure, education, health, and humanitarian aid through recommending the most competent employees to ensure delivering the best services. Also, I have made achievements in bridging the gender gap at leadership positions and realizing gender equality principles by my outreaching efforts and powerful networking skills.

In 2018-2019, I contributed to restructuring the UNRWA youth volunteering programme. This programme invests in youth to prepare them for career success and development. It aims to provide them actual job experience to match their own strengths and interests to career paths, whilst benefit the community from their untapped potential. In addition, I established clear consistent criteria with the work frame for the volunteering selection process. To ensure their success in a demand work environment, I organized an induction course for the volunteers to be familiar with their responsibilities and regulations of the agency, which helped them to be vital for UNRWA. As an HR professional, I also conducted professional training courses about how to professionally write an effective CV.

In 2019-2020, I led the digital transformation for one of a significant HR issue in my department, where I participated in providing an inclusive vision to build an online system for the contracting office/hiring departments to strengthen governance practices, enhance transparency, and manage efficiently the temporary hiring contracts. Based on my insights the system was developed and considered in the five fields of UNRWA operations accordingly, I virtually provided training for the five fields (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, West Bank, and Gaza).

Why is it important for you to work with gender equality and sustainable development projects?

Being in a position allowing me to address social issues, is a critical factor that leads to collective impact and social change in the community. Discussing social issues in the workplace as well as involving in enriching policy dialogue and actions in the community then designing social campaigns and initiatives ultimately leads to creating awareness, and a better understanding of problems and challenges that hamper sustainable development efforts.

Working on social issues such as gender inequality will not only increase women/men’s awareness about their rights and historical disadvantage but also will create compelling momentum to enforce change by building just procedures for an inclusive culture. Social engagement is a powerful strategy to reinforce leaders’ intervention capacity employed to support marginalized categories to undertake their individual missions whilst translating the best practices and promoting values such as justice and inclusion.

Providing training for HR and hiring departments on how to use the online (daily paid management system) – نمور وعمور

How has the Virtual Leadership Institute contributed to your professional and personal accomplishments?

From the very first moment I joined the Atlas Corps community, I have been greatly supported by the valuable forthright support from my peer coaching group where I structured a successful project proposal that was considered by my organization’s managers. Atlas Corps has bombarded my mind with powerful knowledge and skills to enhance my capacity in leading change in my community. For example, it was my first time to be introduced to the (intersectionality term) which is a very critical underestimated factor to identify hidden discrimination in the community that has a serious ripple effect on individuals. Atlas Corps has prepared me to become an effective leader in my community through the structural modules and activities and most importantly the diverse community it offers that leverage my network where I developed meaningful relationships with colleagues from all over the world to address global social issues

What is your favorite Virtual Leadership Institute memory?

I am really impressed with all activities provided by the Atlas Corps team, however, my unforgettable memories are the orientation session particularly the engaging opening statement given by Mr. Scott Beale, it was an inspiring and motivating speech and I will never forget his words which have engraved in my mind “we should shape our future together” and “it’s a journey and you are not only a participant, you are a driver”. Also, the Gala event was a wonderful virtual global event that provided an amazing opportunity to connect a global network of inspiring change-makers.

First cohort of the volunteering program – نمور وعمور

What message would you have for applicants and/or current Fellows/Scholars??

Atlas Corps was founded with the aim to deliver an unparalleled leadership experience, so I encourage my colleagues to leverage this valuable unique opportunity through cultivating world-class knowledge and nurturing their personal growth for their development and for the interest of their communities. They should get involved with the diverse engagement programme developed to prepare them to become bold leaders to adequately address their communities’ issues. Atlas Corps is a powerful international dynamic community that provides tremendous support, they should enjoy this journey and feel part of this community from day one whilst exchanging ideas and insights.

What message would you like to send to individuals who support Atlas Corps?

I would like to highlight their unprecedented professionalism and continuous support they have shown during this life-changing opportunity. Their dedication and commitment have added value for by enriching our experience and extending our impact.

On November 20, Atlas Corps celebrates 15 years of engaging social change leaders. Join us to honor our legacy of service with more than 1,000 leaders from 104 countries at the Atlas Corps 15-Year Anniversary Gala. We will convene friends of Atlas Corps from all sectors and regions of the world to reflect on 15 years of engaging social changemakers and inspire towards our future. Join to connect with our community, meet Fellows, and celebrate Atlas Corps!

 Photo from the personal archive of Faten A Rahman Jarad